Friday, March 12, 2010

MDS Becomes AML – Intubation

Yesterday, as the day went on, Mitch experienced extremely high heart rates, low blood pressure and uncontrolled coughing on top of extreme fatigue. Doctors in the CCU (turns out he’s in CCU, rather than ICU – for us the same thing), took more x-rays and found the shadow on the right lung was progressing fast. With our consent they performed an endotracheal intubation – sedated him and inserted a breathing tube through his mouth down to his lungs. He will remain sedated while the tube delivering oxygen is in place. A broncoscopy was performed which showed that air cells in the right lung are hemorrhaging, but the pulmonologist said there was less damage than he thought there might be. I imagine he also took some tissue samples so he may have more diagnosis today (leukemic pneumonia, etc).

Gradually after the intubation the heart rate slowed and the blood pressure increased. It’s hard to say that Mitch is comfortable but he is constantly sedated through IV so he hopefully unaware of all that is going on. He is getting lots of antibiotics and blood products (platelets, whole blood). His platelet count yesterday was c. 10, so any procedure is extremely dangerous with the risk of bleeding.

Laina, Ish and I came home to our house about 10 p.m. and they slept here. I’ve just called the hospital now about 6:30 a.m. and the report is Mitch’s condition is stable. Heart rate is 114 (yesterday 160-170+), and blood pressure is 116/78. Oxygen level at 96%. Those figures are vastly improved over yesterday. This will a critical day as his body fights whatever infection is presenting, but we will keep you all informed. The CCU will not release information on his condition to anyone other than me so I will do my best to keep everyone in the loop.
Love, Penny, Mitch and Laina

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  1. Fantastic to read - thank you so much for updating us Penny.
    Mitch - get well soon. My thoughts are with you.